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An angel tells the heartwarming story of a small, homeless, dog who longs for a loving family and by an amazing turn of events, Scrapper finds a home on Christmas Day!







Title: Scrapper’s Christmas Story
Author: Maria J. Andrade
Publisher: Clara Publishing
Publication Date: November 18, 2022
Pages: 36
Genre: Children’s Fiction

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An angel tells the heartwarming story of a small, homeless, dog who wanders through busy streets longing for a loving family. The Enchanting Scrapper’s  Christmas Story is a children’s book that is sure to captivate young hearts this holiday season.

Written in a captivating style reminiscent of classic children’s books, Scrapper’s Christmas Story takes
young readers on a magical journey filled with friendship, wonder, and
the true spirit of Christmas. Follow the lovable Scrapper, alone, cold,
and friendless, as he embarks on an unforgettable adventure, where he is
befriended by the kindness of an immigrant man who also knows the need
to belong. Both dog and man discover the magic of the holiday season and
the joy of giving.

Scrapper’s Christmas Story, is ideal for children of all ages, making it the perfect choice for
parents, grandparents, and loved ones seeking a heartwarming story to
share during the holiday season!

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Book Excerpt  


“I am an angel and I will tell you a story this Christmas Day. It is a story about a small dog. He was the smallest in a group of three street dogs who had no home. Small dog would often look for food where he could. Sometimes he found scraps of food near the garbage cans or he ate food which has been dropped on the street. He also got food from a kind man who fed him.

Often he would go to an alley with the other dogs because there they would be fed by Mr. Rosario, a good man who worked in a business nearby.

But small dog was the last to eat because the bigger dogs pushed him out. Mr. Rosario had tried to catch the dogs so they wouldn’t be homeless, but they always ran away when he got close.


One day Mr. Rosario stood there looking at the smaller dog who was waiting behind the pack to eat. He said, “Small dog, I will call you “Scrapper, because you only get scraps of food and that is not enough even for a small dog like you.”





About the Author

Maria J. Andrade was born in Ecuador, South America, and raised in New York and California.
She has a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University
of La  Verne, California, and retired from private practice after thirty-eight years.  For over twenty-five years, Maria’s books for children and adults have been found in a variety of genres and bookstores.

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