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My book for today is: Arrietty by Abby Davies

Publication Date:   July 18, 2023

My Review

Arrietty wakes one morning to find her mother gone. Turning to her father for reassurance, she gets the terrifying sense that he – and others – are hiding a crime too dreadful to name.

Confined to the house on the cliff, Arrietty worries for the safety of her brother as her father becomes increasingly unstable and unpredictable.

Arrietty’s hunt for answers plunges her into a nightmarish fight for survival that leads her to the most awful secret of all.


First Sentence:

Sunlight blasted through the glass panels, stinging my eyes. I wiped the worktop, checked the copper clock. Looked away. Checked again. Fought the urge to re-check. The hairs on my neck prickled. A shift: from tickling panic to the scraping, scratching kind. I glanced at Eddie. My little brother and I were alone in the glass-walled kitchen. Alone and worried. Putting on our brave faces.

Page 56:

‘Chron-ic fat-igue,’ he said, grinning, proud of himself.


‘Is Mummy poorly too?’ I hesitated.

‘No. I don’t think so.’

Eddie threw his arms around my waist. ‘I love you.’

I stroked the baby-soft hairs on the back of his neck and kissed his head. ‘Love you too, little man.’

He pulled away and puppy-eyed me, grabbed the lump he’d stabbed and said, ‘Can we make a dinosaur now? Pleeeeease.’

‘Of course.’

I rolled out another piece of dough, grabbed the T-rex cutter and pressed the red plastic into the doughy slab. Eddie peeled the edges away and held it up triumphantly.

‘Eyes next,’ he said, rolling two large balls and squashing them onto the dinosaur’s face.

‘Teeth?’ I said, beginning to cut two long triangles.

‘No – I want to do it,’ he said, snatching the knife.

‘Hey. Don’t snatch.’

He stared at me, little forehead pinched. To my surprise, his chin wobbled. ‘I’m sorry.’

‘It’s all right. It’s not nice to snatch, that’s all. You know that.’

His shoulders slumped. Two fat tears rolled down his cheeks.

‘Eddie? What’s wrong?’

‘I want Mummy,’ he said, lower lip quivering.

Todays Question Is: Which character do you identify with and why? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

A: Nina Fleet, in the Georgia B&B mysteries. I absolutely loved these mysteries, when I was reading each of the books in this series I could see all of the little towns sitting, Cymbeline, Georgia, and the B&B, was absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. I would love to own the Georgia B&B and get into hijinks’ that Nina did.

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