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About the Book

Title: The Whisperer’s Wish
Author: Janilise Lloyd
Publisher: Expanse Books (Imprint of Scrivenings Press)
Release Date: March 21, 2023
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

For sixteen years, Laurelin Moore has been keeping a secret. She is a whisperer, and she knows that to reveal her gift now is a dangerous risk. Past whisperers have been exploited for their power. But Ausland’s queen is dead and acknowledging her magic is her only chance at becoming a Rook in the Pentax—a competition that will decide the kingdom’s next ruler.

Laurelin isn’t in it for the crown, though. She’s after the wish that will be granted to the victor. A wish that would save her dying brother, Pippin. But there are dangerous undercurrents to the competition, and Laurelin finds herself at the center of it. She begins to search for answers and discovers a secret with the potential to shatter the entire kingdom.

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In the darkness, the only company was the noise of scampering rats. Tiny paws ran over my shoes as I placed my hand along the cement wall and felt my way forward. After about twenty feet, I found the divot in the cement I was searching for. My fingers brushed against a metal handle and I pulled, hearing a faint ring of a bell that was inaudible when I visited during the day. 

A sleepy, male voice came through a crackling speaker. “I’m closed. Come back tomorrow,” he grumbled. 

I pulled the handle again, holding it down so the bell continued to ring. 

“For the love of the Matrons!” the voice said, angry now. “Go away!”

I sighed. Aaron’s door was well protected. A low-level, magical command wouldn’t work on it, even for a great orator. The door required a password. Fortunately, I knew what it was since I was the one who placed the enchantment. I placed my palm against the door and whispered, “Pygsmy brew.” The disguised door glowed around the edges and then slid to the side. 

“Hey!” Aaron shouted. “Who are you? I’m armed! Don’t go any farther.”

I stopped, raising my hands in the air. “Relax. It’s me, Laurelin.”

The dingy light in the cement hall flipped on and Aaron stood at the end of it, a metal baseball bat in his hands. 

“A bat? In your line of work, you don’t have a better weapon?” 

Aaron frowned. The bat glowed purple and changed into a six-inch dagger. 

“Yeah, that will do it.” I laughed nervously. 

The knife glowed once more and shifted back to a bat.

About the Author

Janilise Lloyd is a former junior high school teacher who lives in Northern Utah with her husband and toddler. She balances a love for running with a love for all things dessert. Her family likes to be on the go, so you will often catch them at the zoo, the park, or skipping rocks by the river. Janilise is the coordinator for the ScrivKids writing community for student writers and is a member of the Storymakers Guild. You can find her on Instagram or Facebook @janiliselloyd or on her website,

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