Immortal Lust by Skylar Radcliff #bookreview

After Willa Mae Wilcox moved to Houston from Los Angeles, she thought it was all going to be one giant nightmare she couldn’t wake up from. 

That is, until months later when she’s first introduced to Draco Feliciano – the new, gorgeous, and sexy boy in town. She can’t help but think about him constantly, almost like she felt attracted to him from the moment their eyes met. And yet she couldn’t help but wonder if he was too good to be true. As Willa and Draco grow closer, she becomes more suspicious of him – his odd disappearance, his ability to know what she’s thinking, and more.

As Houston becomes the epicenter of the murder, her suspicions about Draco grow and she will not rest until she solves his cryptic riddle, even if it kills her.

My Review

If the editing had been better, this would have been a fantastic read. If you can get over it, the vampire romance is actually rather enjoyable.

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