The Wrong Key by A.J. Campbell #bookreview

New York. The city of opportunity.

Steph accepted this job to find herself.

She never expected to lose her daughter.

When her US work colleague is involved in a serious car accident, London-based Steph Knight is sent to New York to provide cover. After her recent divorce, it’s the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and for Steph to spend some time with her teenage daughter, Ellie, a gifted musician, before she leaves for university.

Soon after arriving, Steph meets Edward, a corporate lawyer, who leads Ellie to bartender Jack, a bioethics student on his summer break. As both relationships intensify, Steph begins to uncover a web of corruption within her company that seemingly reaches right to the top. Feeling increasingly threatened, she has no idea who she can trust. Not even the men they’ve fallen for are beyond suspicion.

And then the unthinkable happens. Ellie disappears.

When she receives a menacing text message, Steph learns Ellie has been kidnapped.

The clock is ticking. Ellie’s life is in danger. And so is Steph’s.

Terrified, far from home, and with no one to trust, Steph must draw on her inner strength to save her daughter… even if it kills her.

My Review

I got this with KindleUnlimited. One of the best aspects of this book was the pacing. The tension built throughout, and with the added twists, it was difficult to put down.

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