First Line Friday #2: *The Wife List* @MeezCarrie #FLF

FIRST LINE FRIDAY, is hosted by Carrie over at Reading is My Superpower! I think this is a great way to entice us to read something we have not read before, kudos to Carrie.

Today I am featuring the first line of The Wife List by J.A. Schneider. It’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line.

and the first line is

A cry awakes me.

About the book

Has a group of men conspired to murder each other’s wives – figuring their perfect alibis will save them? That is what Beth Kemp starts to suspect, but is she losing her mind? Her husband says he fears so…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’ll give this marriage one more try, Beth Kemp thinks. She is a successful crime writer in New York City, who regrets that tension has crept into her relationship with her husband, Brad. He too is a writer who, after early success, finds his career fading.

Brad urges that a move to the country would make them happy again – and safe, especially Beth, to avoid the city’s stress that triggers her severe asthma attacks. Beth wavers, until her close friend is murdered and the friend’s husband has a perfect alibi. She finally accepts that the city with its surging crime has become too hard for her.

The Kemps move to beautiful Sheffield, Connecticut, so perfect it seems too good to be true. It is. When one new friend cries in fear about her husband, and another has a bruise under her eye, Brad tells Beth that she’s overimagining. But when she hears of another wife’s unsolved murder and yet another friend dies mysteriously, Beth suspects the husbands of covering for each other. Brad tells her she’s getting crazy, paranoid.

Then Beth stumbles onto the most devastating shock of all, one she never imagined…


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