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Book Details:

Book Title:  Love is In the Air (Adventures in Harmony series) by Karen M. Bobos
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  44 pages
Genre:  Valentine’s Day Fairy Tale
Publisher:  Bobos Babes, Ltd.
Release date:   Jan 2023
Content Rating:  G for children ages 3 to 10

Book Description:

It’s Valentine’s Day, and the magical sisters and their favorite babysitter accidentally put a love spell on the kingdom. They must stop the enchantment before it’s too late!

It’s Valentine’s Day in the enchanted land of Harmony and the kingdom and all its magical creatures are abuzz celebrating. When the King and Queen leave their three daughters-Angel Scarlet, Princess Daphne, and Fairy Cora-with Ali the Alligator, so they can spend a romantic dinner together, the sisters are excited for a fun night with their favorite babysitter.

​Ali and the girls decide to make a love perfume in the castle’s garden. But when Angel Scarlett wants to use her wand to help stir the ingredients, an enchantment of love mistakenly wafts over the kingdom and all its inhabitants. Can the girls stop the enchantment before it’s too late? Or maybe it is just what the creatures needed, after all.

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Interview With Karen

 What/who inspired you to write Love is in the Air?

I wrote most of the books in the Adventures in Harmony series during the pandemic to entertain my three little girls. They are the main characters (Scarlett, Daphne, and Cora). In February of 2021, they asked me to write a Valentine book. They said that the King and Queen (a.k.a. my husband and myself) should go to a fancy restaurant while Ali babysat them. Ali was our nanny for years. Nowadays, she just babysits the girls on an occasional date night, but mainly is a staple in any of our family events – birthday parties, first communions, etc. She is part of our family, and this book is dedicated to her.

Is the real Ali anything like her character?

Yes, she is always bringing the girls treats, games, art projects and gifts when she babysits them or comes to visit them. She plays non-stop with them and truly treats them like they are her own children. We adore her! She made my life so much easier as a mom who owned her own company while juggling motherhood and the home.

Why did you wait until Valentine’s Day 2023 to release Love is in the Air?

We had the book completely illustrated in 2021, however, it was just too close to the end of the year. I wanted to make sure that I had enough time to promote the book and submit it for reviews and awards. I have learned not to rush things. It’s best to give each book the time and attention that they deserve for a successful launch.

How many Adventures in Harmony books will there be?

This is the seventh Adventure in Harmony book. I have two more books coming out this year and three more books releasing next year. I have also started my chapter books. Those will be launching at the beginning of next year (fingers crossed).

What is the most difficult part about being an author?

Patience and thick skin. We must remind ourselves that not everyone will love our books, and that is OK. Our books are our works of art, so we can’t help but feel crushed if someone tells us something negative about them. We must be patient, learn the process, and realize that great things take time.

Meet the Author:

Karen M. Bobos is the multi-award-winning author of the Adventures in Harmony series, which was created in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. While living in a city of unrest, her family left Chicago to stay with her mother in Northwest Indiana for several months. She and her husband were determined to keep life filled with wonder and magic for their three daughters, Scarlett (6), Daphne (5), and Cora (3). The Adventures in Harmony series was created to entertain her daughters during their stay at Gigi’s home and is filled with characters from the sisters’ world. Everyone deserves to escape to a land filled with love and adventure where creatures co-exist and happiness awaits.

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