Wrong Exit by N.L. Hinkens #bookreview

Her life is about to change—if she survives the road trip.

Driving the I-40 coast to coast was never on Cora Dalton’s bucket list, until the day she finds out she has inherited a house in New York from a grandmother she has never met. Terrified of flying, Cora talks her best friend, Adele, into accompanying her on what they think will be a rip-roaring fun, ten-day road trip.

But when they pick up a teenage runaway at a gas station with a dark and disturbing past, things begin to go awry. Someone is following them—someone determined to finish the job they started. When their passenger inexplicably disappears at their motel one night, they find her diary in the back seat of the car. Everything in it points to murder.

My Review

The book had an engaging beginning, but by the midway mark, the tediousness of the road trip was getting to me. The result was expected. This is hardly a psychological thriller, in my opinion.

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