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Ireland Finds Gold

by Reneé Nicole

Romantic Suspense

Ireland Deckland may be a feisty probation officer with a tough exterior, but
regularly putting handcuffs on perps has her view of people trending
down. She’s been single for so long that she’s starting to think
it’s a permanent status.

Xavier Gold may be the city’s most eligible CEO bachelor with a sexy as
sin face, but the wannabe models who vie for his attention don’t
have him looking to settle down. He’s played the game so many
years, he’s starting to think no one will ever catch his eye.

When an unexpected meeting brings these two together, tough exteriors
crack and sparks fly. But danger is never far from probation officers
nor billionaires. After a bad business deal brings the Russian mob to
the door, they have to fight to save their heads…or lose their

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What is something unique/quirky about you? 

I am a certified florist. 

What are some of your pet peeves? 

People who ask me a question, I give them an answer, but then they go ask someone else the same question, only to get the same answer I just gave. Seriously!!!!! 

Where were you born/grew up at? 

Born in Raleigh, NC. Grew up in Franklinton, NC 

If you knew you’d die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?

Praying. Spending time with my family. Eating all the oreo’s I want. 

What kind of world ruler would you be? 

Compassionate, too involved, very stressed, and overwhelmed. I am not president material. First Lady material, yes, I could totally do that job. Using my office to support a cause that is near to my heart and would hopefully change the lives of the people for the better. Inspire a nation with my goals and generosity. Being the support system for my husband as he was the world leader, I can be the best support system. 

What are you passionate about these days? 

I am passionate about becoming a best selling author and building my florist business into a successful small-business. 

What do you do to unwind and relax?

 Read a book. Beige watch TV. Drink Wine, Vodka, or Rum (not all at the same time).

Describe yourself in 5 words or less! 

Loyal. Educated. Beautiful. Resilient. Loveable. 

When did you first consider yourself a writer? 

When I got the final draft of the book cover for Ireland Finds Gold. 

Do you have a favorite movie? 

I have a few. I love movies. Huge Marvel fan. Love Rom-Coms. All Action films are amazing. Naming some classics that I love, Save the Last Dance, Bring It On, ATL, Black Panther, Avengers (all of them), Home Alone, Green Mile, Step-Mom, Man on Fire, Saving Private Ryan, Remember the Titans, Blackhawk Down so many more. 

Which of your novels can you imagine made into a movie? 

Ireland Finds Gold 

Reneé Nicole grew up just north of Raleigh, North Carolina, in the very
small town of Franklinton. Nicole, as her family and friends call
her, is a middle child and the best aunt ever (there’s even a mug
that says so). She has lived in a few different cities throughout the
United States, but for now calls Richmond, Virginia her home. Nicole
graduated from college with a degree in Criminal Justice, and
received her master’s degree in Justice Studies. Since then, she
has worked for over a decade in the criminal justice field.
Specifically, community corrections: first as a state probation and
parole officer, and now as a federal probation officer. Since no one
calls her mom or wife, she holds her ‘auntie’ title with pride.
Nicole spends her nights in front of a computer screen writing about
fictional men who do naughty things that would make anyone blush, and
badass women who both want it and love it.

Nicole’s love of books developed later in life, after she was dragged into
reading one of the best trilogies of all time. This led her to fall
in love with writing. In particular, the process of using the power
of words and imagination to entertain. She decided to write what she
knows – but with lots and lots of steam. Nicole is excited to
change her career path and provide entertainment to every person who
picks up her book. Criminal Justice degree and author: sounds
about right.

These days you can find Nicole working as a federal probation officer. A
day job, as some may call it. But it’s not her only day job: she’s
also a certified florist and small business owner of a flower shop,
Petals of Color, with her sister and business partner. Nicole loves
traveling, good rum, good wine, and spending time with her parents,
siblings, and family.

Check out Nicole’s author pages on Instagram and Facebook, where you can
like and follow to receive updates about her upcoming writing

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