Magician Rising
Renée des Lauriers
Publication date: May 25th, 2021
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy

Dark powers she can’t control. Deadly hunters tracking her down. Can she rip the target off her back before it turns fatal?

Jun Bear has lived with bad luck all her life. And when a professor threatens to give her a failing grade, the college senior sees her hopes for graduating in two months going down another ill-fated drain. But her fortunes plunge further when an unnatural earthquake shakes the campus and unleashes cold-blooded assassins after her head…

Unsure what’s happening, Jun finds herself facing a trained killer intent on exposing the wielder of the dangerous magic. And when she’s provoked into revealing her unexpected new abilities, she’s determined to prove her innocence before she’s permanently eliminated.

Can she win over an ally and survive a bloodthirsty secret society fixated on wiping her out?

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Then Nikolai felt it: the air pulling tight, like the bowstring of an arrow drawn back, about to be let loose. Nikolai clenched the wooden arms of his chair. This was magic capable of much worse than a 6.5 earthquake and one injury. He braced himself in the case of a quake, scanning down the rows in front of him for any sign of a magician at work. 

        There were too many people, and all of them could be crushed to death if the building collapsed. This was exactly what he wanted to avoid. If he stopped the magician before the magic spiraled out of control, he could limit the amount of casualties. 

       Then the lights went out. Everyone was plunged into a deep darkness. There was a pause for a beat before a worried murmur took over the class. Cell phone lights flashed around the room. Nikolai knew this was the moment he could strike; his aim with the knife would be deadly. If only he had a target.

Almost as soon as the pressure in the air started, it faded away. Nikolai felt the charged air around the room recoil and disappear, vanishing like mist. The lights flickered back on. Immediately he tried to identify the source, but it was impossible with everyone looking around, talking in hushed voices while their spineless professor tried to calm the students. The class began to settle once more, though a lot of students quickly packed their belongings to leave. Maybe they could feel it, the unsettling shift in the air. Or smell the burnt ozone. 

        It was strange, though. He never experienced anything quite like this. When magic was built up to that strength and caliber, it typically rampaged into mass destruction. This was something else. This magician was nothing like the others he’d taken down in the past.

Author Bio:

Renée was raised by a folk singer and an accountant to be analytically creative. From thirteen, she played guitar and sang on stage at coffee shops. She also oil painted and wrote poetry on odd paper scraps. Besides writing, Renee has worked as an emergency medical technician and a high school English teacher. Now she lives in California with her family.

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