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Book Details:
Book Title Perils and Pearls: In World War II, a Family’s Story of Survival and Freedom from Japanese Jungle Prison Camps by Hulda Bachman-Neeb
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction, 190 pages
Genre Memoir / Japanese History
Publisher BristleCone Press
Release date:   September 2019
Content Rating: PG: T
here are mentions of decapitation and ugly jail or camp scenes and murder. No bad words, no expletives, no drug use, and no drinking.

“The story of our Dutch family being ripped apart isn’t unique. Millions suffered beyond description during the war. However, today, I have the opportunity to share our story with others so that they may know just how priceless their freedom is. That is my sincerest wish in bringing this book to the general public.” – Hulda Bachmann-Neeb

Book Description:

In World War II much of Asia fell under Japanese control after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. All non-Asians were imprisoned in concentration camps until August of 1945, the end of the war in the Pacific. This is the story of a Dutch family, resident in the Dutch East Indies, that fell victim to the Japanese occupation and was interned in jungle camps throughout the war. It tells the journey from riches to rags, from fear and suffering to the joy of freedom and recovery.


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How I met and married my husband

 When I had an assignment in 1986 in New Delhi, India, at the Netherlands Embassy, I met an interesting group of travelers in the hotel the Embassy had booked for me. In 1963 I had joined the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hague and since then I had been enjoying each and every assignment. The one in New Delhi added a new dimension. Living in the hotel, I began to get familiar with all its sounds and smells. One day, I heard a different sound coming from the bar, where normally the off-key piano was hammered with Strauss waltzes. This day my ear caught tunes of a Scarlatti sonata and, curious, I approached the bar. The pianist was an American with a group about to climb  Mount Everest. More music was played, especially for me, Mozart, Schubert. I became friends with the group, that was resting up before their expedition. Afterward, the pianist, David, returned to the United Sates and told his longtime friend Jim Bachman, a bachelor: β€œI have met your wife, she likes Mozart and you need to write to her.” Which Jim did, reluctantly, as David, a happily married man, had tried to set Jim up numerous times. I answered the letter, this was before e-mail. We started a correspondence, one could say an epistolary romance. When I had finished my assignment a couple months later, Jim came to Holland. The Foreign Office granted me my accumulated leave which made it possible for me to return with him to New York. At that time Jim was connected with the New York Public Library. We were married in 1987. I continued my assignments with the Foreign Office and after a while Jim joined me when he had relinquished his job in the United States. We traveled together until 1996. My next assignment was to be at our Embassy in an African country probably Angola. This did not appeal to us at all. We made the decision that I should retire.  We came to live in America. In 2006, I received my USA citizenship after many tests, much paperwork, many questions – and quite a few money checks to the Immigration Service.


Meet the Author:

Hulda Bachman–Neeb was born in Indonesia of colonial Dutch parentage two years before the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941. Because much of Asia fell under Japanese control, all non-Asians were imprisoned in concentration camps until August of 1945, the end of the war in the Pacific. As a member of the Dutch Foreign Service in her adult life, Hulda held assignments in twenty-five countries over a period of thirty-six years, retiring in 1996. She is married to an American, James Bachman, a historian and author, and has dual citizenship. Hulda and her husband live in Estes Park, Colorado.

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