On Tour with Prism Book Tours

12 Days of Fantasy for Christmas

I am so excited to be sharing books from ten fantasy authors with you this
holiday season! Each day different author and book or series will be featured.
There is also a fabulous giveaway! If you’re a fantasy fan, join us on this tour!

Tour Schedule

(Posts go live on the day they’re scheduled.)

December 1st: Launch
December 2nd: Rebecca Belliston – Heart of Red, Blood of Blue
December 3rd: Morgan L. Busse – Flight of the Raven
December 4thJes Drew – Tales of Parallel Worlds
December 5th: Ronie Kendig – Brand of Light
December 6th: Alisha Klapheke – Fate of Dragons
December 7th: Jessica Leake – Through the White Wood
December 8th: Belle Malory – Electric Skies
December 9th: Melissa McShane – Burning Bright
December 10th: Jennifer Silverwood – Blackbriar Cove
December 11th: Melissa Wright – Shadow and Stone
December 12th: Grand Finale