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Mind of Mine 
By C. F. E. Black 
Young Adult, SciFi 
Paperback & ebook, 
302 Pages 
August 7th 2019 by Illuminate YA
Raised to put science over self, V must link her brain with fifteen other people, making her one of the world’s smartest humans. With this privilege comes a life dedicated to continual research inside a secluded facility, a life devoid of freedom.
But V is losing her identity and unable to predict which face will peer back at her from the nearest mirror. Escaping this life will mean freedom to think for herself—and abandoning everything and everyone she’s known and loved.
When your thoughts and speech are no longer private, freedom comes at a price. But for V the price may be her life.
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“Julius!” Flavius is beside him, grabbing Julius’ hands and trapping them so he can’t hurt himself anymore. “Julius, look at me.” Flavius’ face is red; even underneath his blond hair, I can see the flush coming through. “Julius. It’s over.” 

My mouth hangs open, but I am not the only one in dismay. Maxima stands rigid, fear blanching her face. Several others have entered the room now, silent. Julius has never gotten the box like this before. A few wrist-slap trips to the box, but not this. 

Julius struggles against his captor a moment, then seems to awaken. His blank eyes find Flavius. He sputters a few breaths, then looks down at his chest and cringes. Flavius helps him sit up. 
“Which one am I?” Julius asks, looking fearfully around at those of us gathered. 

“You’re Julius V,” Flavius says. 

“Let him alone.” Pru’s stony voice edges in from the doorway. Her arms are crossed and her mouth flat. 

Flavius whips an angry glare at her. “He’s been boxed. Can’t remember who he is. It’ll come. Just give him a minute.” 

“Leave him,” Pru demands. “Each time one of us gets the box, it affects us all. Let him suffer. Maybe then he won’t do whatever it was again.” She spears me with her gaze then spins on her heel and disappears.

About the Author

If you’re a teen, I work for you.
I write for you. I teach for you.
Seven days a week I seek to shine light into the world-darkened lives of young people, whether it be in a high school Spanish class, a youth group Sunday school class, or a coffee shop with my computer writing my next book.
I want my writing to be a bright spot on a dark shelf, a source of truth among many lies. You guys deserve books like this.
I live in north Alabama with my son, two droopy hound dogs, a cat named Sprinkles, and my superhero husband. No, really, he saved my life once. It’s a cool story.
If you want to know more about me, my writing, or my escapades as a teacher, please visit my blog.
Mind of Mine is my first novel.
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