After She Fell
Amber Laura 


Publication date: July 30th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

She’s tried for years to convince herself that she isn’t in love with him. If it hasn’t worked, at least she’s managed to convince him of it, anyway.
A tragic love affair from her past had shattered Christina’s illusions of romance—it’d shattered her entire world, left her utterly broken and blamed. She’s fallen once before. She isn’t about to make the same mistake twice!
Jason Gordman is off-limits. Charming, playful, confident—he’s everything dangerous to her defenses. Worse yet, he’s the boss’s son. Hiding behind antagonism and indifference, Christina manages to keep him at a careful distance. That is, until one fateful night when she finds herself snowbound with him in a blizzard and she slips, allows herself one, forbidden kiss…
Struggling to reconcile her feelings, Christina is entirely unprepared for where that one stolen moment will lead her.

Guest Post With Amber

Thank you so much I’m Into Books for allowing me to be a guest blogger today—and for giving me the opportunity to craft a playlist for y’all which embodies the emotional themes and tones inherent in my new romance and women’s fiction novel, After She Fell. My name is Amber Laura and I am thrilled to introduce the unofficial soundtrack to my book! 

Oh, also, I tried to arrange the songs in chronological order to the events/happenings going on within the story. Happy reading and listening! 

Playlist for the novel, After She Fell

  1. Lana Del Rey – “Once Upon A Dream”
  2. Lady Antebellum – “Just A Kiss”
  3. Paloma Faith – “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”
  4. Rachel Platten – “Begin Again”
  5. TLC – “Damaged”
  6. Ryan Jirovec’s cover of Katy Perry – “Unconditionally”
  7. Grace Davies – “Roots”
  8. Calum Scott and Leona Lewis – “You Are The Reason”
  9. Sara Bareilles – “I Choose You”
Again, thanks for having me here today. I hope everyone enjoys the music and (if I may be so bold); I hope it piques your interests enough to check out my novel, After She Fell

 Author Bio:

Amber Laura’s biography, also known as “Five Fun Facts about the Author”:

  1. As a writer, Amber Laura does her best daydreaming as a window-gazing passenger on long car rides.
  2. If there’s creamer, she’s drinking coffee. When she edits, there’s always creamer.
  3. A blogger, she also writes web fiction—(free stories updated chapter-by-chapter, week-by-week). Check it out at
  4. Psst! Her debut novel, Topaz and Lace, a contemporary romance set in a fictitious Texas town, got its start on that same blog.
  5. While she may physically reside in the beautiful country of Northern Minnesota, in her imagination, Amber Laura lives all over the world. She considers it one of the best perks to being a writer: easy, cheap travel. That and the oddball characters she meets along the way….

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