Author: Jerry Ford

Publisher: Beast Publications

Pages: 164

Genre: Nonfiction/Motivational

Author and Celebrity Personal Trainer Jerry Ford has authored a
powerful, painfully honest book entitled GUNS, DRUGS, OR WEALTH as a
help and inspiration to others who also seek personal wealth and

Said Jerry Ford: “ ‘Guns, Drugs, or Wealth’ is about how I went from
the hard streets of Detroit to building wealth through stocks, real
estate and smart spending. I share with my readers how I began to build
my wealth as a personal trainer. As I wrote this book, I imagined myself
having a front porch casual conversation with my readers. This how-to
guide on building wealth will not only teach people how to build wealth,
but it’s written in layman’s terms. The genres of this book are
business, inspiration, and self-help.”

Mr. Ford’s book tells all that he has learned, offering readers
specific, tried-and-true tools for building wealth by creating three
streams of income: (1) passive income (through real-estate investing),
(2) portfolio income (through stock market investing), and (3) earned
income (through hard work and smart spending).

As a personal trainer, Jerry Ford has worked with many, many “big
name” clients, including rapper Big Sean to musical artist MoBeatz. One
special trip led to Ford becoming an author. “I was traveling with Big
Sean and MoBeatz and decided to journal a few hours a day on the trip. A
few hours turned into many…and two months later I had created the
manuscript for my book.”

A tragedy earlier in his life also drove Jerry to pull himself up
from a hard life in his native Detroit and build a life for himself as a
personal wealth coach and trainer. “My brother Sam was murdered…I miss
him every day. He inspires me to get out of bed and go as hard as
possible in life every day…I feel like I am living for two people
instead of just one, myself.”

“Being an author was never a plan,” asserted Jerry. “I knew I needed
to figure out a way to help the eighty percent of America who are poor
or middle class. I knew that I needed to help the three billion people
 on the planet who are really poor. Of course this book doesn’t make up
for the world’s educational flaws, but it’s a start. Schools don’t teach
people how to build wealth.”

Praise for Jerry Ford and His Method

“Jerry traveled across the globe to train me. He goes hard in fitness and in life!”

Alisha Boe, actress best known for 13 Reasons Why on Netflix “I am inspired by Jerry’s principles of building wealth through real estate and stock market investments as well as entrepreneurship. With
multiple streams of income, the sky is the limit when it comes to
potential earning power. This book is here to help!”

Adrienne C. Moore, actress best known for Orange Is the New Black on Netflix
“Jerry is a beast, and I can totally understand why. Coming from our city, it’s life or death.”

Dj Mo Beatz, best known as Big Sean’s official DJ “Jerry is not only a trainer; he’s an entrepreneur. He has come up with incredibly creative ways to service his high-end clientele. Not only do I enjoy working with Jerry–he’s great to hang out with.”

Marc Webb, film and television producer


~ Guest Post With Jerry ~

How Getting Fired from My Job Started Me on the Billionaire Track

Of all the things in my life that have pushed me toward being on the billionaire track, perhaps nothing has been more impactful than getting fired from my job.
That sounds strange, doesn’t it? Allow me to explain.
When I was twenty-six, I woke up one day and decided to move to LA. I don’t know why I felt this urge to move. I would be leaving amazing personal training clients, friends, my mentor, and a great business that I had worked so hard to build.
But I have always been a risk-taker, so I left. After giving everyone two months’ notice, I moved from New York to Los Angeles with no job and no connections.
By the end of my first week in LA, I had landed a job as a personal trainer at Equinox. I quickly became one of the top trainers at Equinox and started to do some damage.
Within six months I had the best clients, including celebrities, more high-net-worth people, and even members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Just like in New York, I found myself feeling unstoppable and living the life on the west coast.
However, it began to bother me that I was still working long hours for another person’s company. Not only that: Equinox was ripping me off, as all gyms do with their trainers.
Have you ever felt that way? It sure doesn’t feel like financial freedom.
Sure, I had a job and I was making a lot of money, but this was not the answer. It was time to make some changes in order to really be free financially. I wanted to be wealthy.
I loved what I did, but my goal was to become a billionaire and I knew there was no way I could there if I kept training sixteen people a day for the rest of my life.
There was only one problem: I had no idea where to start.
My mind was occupied with selling personal training sessions for Equinox, to make sure they hit their monthly goals. I was training so many people each day that there was no time to think about new strategies that would put me on the billionaire track.
I prayed about this. I thought about it whenever I could. And — sure enough — shortly after I began praying and thinking about my future, I was fired from Equinox.
Equinox fired me for working out with one of my clients, even though they had given me permission to do so multiple times. After firing me, they quickly realized that 99% of my clients had left Equinox to follow me to a private training gym.
Their response was to ban me from Equinox worldwide.
To this day, anytime I walk into one of their gyms, somebody kicks me right out. Maybe you think this makes me mad, but I totally understand. If I were in their position, and somebody posed a threat to my business, I’d probably do the same thing.
As upset as I was, I now feel that Equinox did me a favor. This was God answering my prayers. This was what I needed to shake me out of my comfortable routine.
By firing me, they forced me to get on the billionaire track instead of straddling the fence. I believe that the illusion of security stifles ambition. When we feel too safe and secure, we end up settling for what we have instead of striving for what we want.
I had been spending sixteen hours a day, seven days a week at Equinox. Although I had income coming in from investments, I was still tied to the gym as long as I knew that there would always be a new client or lead from the PT manager.
I was playing it safe.
But when I left Equinox, I was motivated to push above and beyond what I’d been capable of. What doesn’t kill you makes you a survivor, and you have to decide to get stronger. I left Equinox and soared as an independent trainer, making four times as much per client as I had at Equinox. Not only that, I was my own boss and loving it.
Now that I had quadrupled my income from training and had investment income coming in, it was time to take my financial freedom to the next level. I reinvested all of my profits from my investments because I knew that would put me on the billionaire track.

The illusion of security at Equinox had stifled my ambition and kept me from truly going after financial freedom. I’m not a billionaire yet, but I know I’m on the right track now. 
I’m on the right track now.
Jerry Ford is a Detroit native who grew up in the ghetto. He has been
involved in and witnessed everything from gun violence to drug
trafficking and addiction, jail, gang life, and murder. At age fourteen,
Jerry’s brother, Sam, was murdered on their mother’s birthday. At age
seventeen, Jerry’s best friend, Steven, was also murdered. The list goes
on. One of the ways Jerry channeled his anger was through martial arts;
he became a black belt in multiple styles and received gold medals in
the Junior Olympics and other world-respected tournaments.

Jerry received his Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University.
Immediately after college, he started his career as a personal-fitness
trainer at New York Health & Racquet Clubs, and soon became one of
the company’s top trainers. Having established himself as a fitness
professional in New York City, Jerry moved Los Angeles, where he became a
top trainer at Equinox. After mastering the science of human
engineering, Jerry parted ways with Equinox to launch his own private
training business. His clients currently include high-net-worth
individuals, celebrities, royal family members, fighters, and a variety
of other tastemakers. While still based in Los Angeles, he travels
nationally and internationally to train clients.

Jerry is also an investor in stocks, real estate, television and film
properties, and anything else he believes to be worth the risk. This is
his first book, and he wrote it to help others walk their own paths to

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