His Little Wife Lie
Sloan Storm 

Publication date: April 26th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

That’s what Griff Foster said right after he asked me to be his wife.

Sweet, isn’t he?
Let’s be real: his proposal had nothing to do with romance. Falling in love isn’t in his DNA. With piercing blue eyes and a hard body to match, he goes through women like candy.
But he saved my life.
I promised I’d repay him. I should learn when to keep my mouth shut.

Griff needs a Mrs. Right Now, and he’s convinced I’m the perfect actress.
In case I have any doubts, there are seven badly needed zeroes on a check with my name on it to help make up my mind.
We’re totally fake. Nothing but lies.
Except the way his lips feel on mine.

Except the way his touch sets my body ablaze.

Except the way my soul aches when he looks into my eyes.
He says that without me, he loses everything.

But if I’ve got the upper hand, why does it feel like he’s in control?
There’s only one thing missing from this arrangement.

What happens to my heart when it’s over?

Author Bio

Sloan Storm pens imaginative yarns based on dominant men and the women who challenge them. As such, power plays and passion are the heart of each and every story.
The writer’s creative tendencies may drift as the mood strikes, but the essence of all tales told wind up back at the same place… the polarizing difference between the sexes.
After all, what else is there in life?
When not glued to a keyboard creating tales of whimsy, Sloan loves to talk to fans! If you want to connect, you can do it in any number of ways: