Nicolina Martin 

(Russo Saga, #2)
Published by: Blushing Books Publications
Publication date: May 2nd 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

An innocent coffee. A dazzling stranger. What can go wrong?
Anna Raymond focuses only on her work at a little custom printing company in LA. She’s become a recluse after a traumatic experience that tore her life apart. Then Eric happens, barging into her life one morning at a Starbucks. By the time night falls, she has witnessed a murder, fought for her life, and revealed secrets she meant to keep buried forever.
Eric Reed is a hired killer, well aware of his effect on women and how to use it to his advantage. He’s in LA for one thing only: Finish the contract he’s been assigned. Anna was nothing but a means to an end, but he finds himself reluctantly drawn to the enigmatic woman, a mistake that can cost him everything.
That long, cold night trapped together, changes something fundamental between them. Anna must make a choice, will it be her path to happiness, or will the fervent Eric burn her to ashes?
This is book two in the Russo Saga but can be enjoyed as a standalone.
Publisher’s Note: This dark romance is intended for adults only and may contain triggers. This wild ride contains elements of danger, suspense, action, adventure, sensual scenes, adult language, power exchange and a guaranteed HEA.

~ Interview With Nicolina ~

When did you know you wanted to be an author?
I was getting some attention for school essays and the likes when I was a kid, and I used to read a LOT, but I didn’t really find my way into writing until I stumbled into fanfiction almost 15 years ago. That was a great learning process with the tight interaction with readers and I got to know some lovely people whom I’m still friends with. That was when I started to get the feel for writing, that I could actually craft a story that other people like. I haven’t written constantly since then, but the last year and a half is when it really took off and I started writing to publish.

What is your writing process like?

A story almost ache in me, characters starts talking, settings come to life, and finally I sit down and start from the beginning. I just start with the first word and then keep writing. Later on, if I get stuck, there may be some plotting, but initially I just write as if I’m watching a movie. Things just happen, and I have to hurry to put it ‘on paper’.

Do you like to listen to music while you write? If so, what kind?

On and off. Mostly rather aggressive music. Like trash metal, angry music. I write suspense, lots of emotions, enemies to lovers. It gives me energy.

What genres do you write in?

Dark and erotic romance/suspense. Often enemies to lovers. It’s my favorite trope!

Where do you find inspiration?

Movies, music, my own other stories, things that fly by, like an article, a meme, other books, just anything.

What was the hardest part about writing RUIN?

Ruin was an older story that I rewrote. I loved it so much and wanted it to meet the world. I removed great chunks from an already short novel, replaced that with new material, realized the character building and background story was too meager, added more. Then I hesitated about tense and third or first person, so I rewrote several chapters and went back and forth. In the end it benefited greatly from that exercise since the text got richer with each rewrite. I got stuck a bunch of times, pushed through, found the flow again. Finally I invented the Russos, and rewrote again, to make this story part of that world, and that was when it REALLY found its heart and its voice.

How much research do you typically do on a novel?

I research places through google maps, through images online, youtube clips. I read up on terms for specific things, measure distances to travel, check out airlines, restaurants, street views. And long terribly to actually go there myself. I pour my heart into making a location as authentic as possible, and I’ve had local residents saying that I must know the place, and that is an amazing feeling!

Author Bio

Nicolina Martin is a Swedish born author who escapes the long, dark winter nights by writing hot contemporary romance/suspense.
She’s a mother of three teenage girls, a medical doctor, a quirky loner, and a social human being. She has traveled the globe, has had more lovers than she can count, has loved and hated, succeeded and failed, has gone through marriage and divorce. She has seen darkness and despair, as well as light and happiness.
All these experiences, she pours into her tales, taking her readers for a wild ride while twisting their minds. She loves showing that stories can be different even if the trope is the same.
Nicolina believes that life is too short for regrets and in looking forward, no matter what. She wants to enjoy every moment, and cherish life.
To find out more about Nicolina Martin, visit her official website.