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Her world is a lie. Magic is real.

One last job. One more high-risk, hacking job was going to set up Jo Espinosa and her family for life. Too bad she’s killed before it’s over.
Jo expected to die young. She didn’t expect to be reborn as a witch.
Now she’s the newest member of the Society of Wishes. She’s supposed to use her powerful destructive magic to help her new team. She should make an effort to build a new life. But how can she when her best friend back home is running head first toward his own demise?
Jo won’t apologize for helping her friend, especially not to the mysterious and sexy leader of the Society, Snow. Why does he get to make the rules, anyway? His ancient magic doesn’t scare her. If anything, she’s drawn to it, and that may be the most dangerous thing of all.
Rules are meant to be broken, but not every wish is meant to come true.
Fans of magic, alternate realities, steamy soulmates, forgotten gods, and twisty surprises… prepare to be kept guessing about the Society of Wishes right up until the very end.
“I could not for the life of me put this book down… Society of Wishes is an absolutely amazing story and concept and I loved every minute of it.”
– Book Nerd, Amazon Reviewer  ★★★★★
“This is the beginning of a thrilling new series of mystery, love and forgoten gods”
– Hristina, Amazon Reviewer  ★★★★★
“I LOVE every single side character. All of them… I can’t recommend this book enough. 5 stars all the way.”
– Amanda, Goodreads Reviewer  ★★★★★
“Wow, the best book I have read in a decade! I can’t wait to read book two!”
– usalienhunter, Amazon Reviewer  ★★★★★
“This is nothing like any other urban fantasy novels out there.”
– beautyguise, Goodreads Reviewer  ★★★★★
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