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Title: The Art Of Taking Chances
  • Release Date: June 24, 2018
  • Genre: Teen & Young Adult 

“It makes you feel all the feels. And it lets you know that it’s okay to feel it all.” -Cookie O’Gorman, 

In love, you have to leap to feel the rush. 
From first kisses to second chances and celebrity encounters, this collection of young adult contemporary romance short stories has it all. 
A forbidden game of truth or dare turns into summer love, a chemistry lab explosion leads to fireworks, a last-minute to-do list becomes an end-of-summer road trip. But first, they’ll have to take the leap.
These delightful, swoon-worthy stories will have you ready to take an adventure of your own. 

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I took a chance by editing my first anthology, my fellow authors took a chance by trusting me with their stories, our rock-star foreword writer, Cookie O’Gorman, took a chance by representing nine fellow authors, and you took the biggest chance of all by trusting us with your time,”

— Kelsie Stelting

As an avid fan of young adult romance writers, Kelsie decided to gather stories from many of her favorite authors and compile the ultimate collection of sweet stories. And obviously, she achieved it. Kelsie was a huge player in the production of The Art of Taking ChancesIn fact, Kelsie even acted as the editor in addition to featuring her own short story.
Kelsie is the author of two young adult romance series, including the Texas Sun and the Texas Star series. In addition to her young adult romance novels, she also wrote a non-fiction book, detailing the experiences of 12 women raised in western Kansas in the 1930s and ’40s. 
Much like the women she interviewed for her book, Raising the WestKelsie was also raised in western Kansas. Her childhood, spent riding horses and swimming in a creek on her family’s land inspired her latest work. Kelsie’s short story, “Tell Me Something Real,” will be featured in the upcoming anthology, The Art of Taking Chances.
While writing, Kelsie imagined how much fun it would have been to run into a cowboy on their land and begin a sweet, summer love story of her own. The main character in her story, Harleigh, does exactly that. 
As Harleigh rides her horse to check cattle, and avoid her sibling at home, she seeks solitude and a quick dip in the creek on her family’s land. Near the water, she runs into a cowboy and is forced to make a decision: follow the rules or have the best summer ever. 
Kelsie is currently finishing the Texas Star series. In addition to writing, she also co-founded a brand, Invisible Mountains, to raise awareness for mental and chronic illnesses with the help of her younger sister, Savanna Hoss.